Frequently Asked Questions

It gives every property seller the opportunity to work with the best Estate Agents in the area. It gives performing Estate Agents a place to be independently recognised.

Best Agent is 100% free for use by the general public. Anyone can access the site and search for agents in towns and suburbs. We do not require registration and do not capture information from general public users of the site.

All you need to do is go to , at the top right, click estate agent, then on the next page click JOIN on the left hand side. Then you register with us. Once you have registered you get to capture your sales, we verify the sales you did and allocate the ranking to you. Easy as that.

Estate Agents are ranked according to the number of properties sold by them in a particular town or suburb.

Estate Agents that are members of Best Agent upload the details of each of their sales once the property has been transferred to the buyer. We verify this information before it is included in our ranking system.

Any Estate Agent with a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate issued by the Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority can join Best Agent.

Property owners can search for the Best Agents in their area, when they are ready to sell. If your name is on the list then the seller can contact you. Because we verify your sales and capture all your reviews you have an up to date track record of all your achievements. 

No, we are not. We do not offer any properties for sale.

No they do not. Their names and logos are displayed only on those properties where they formally acted as Conveyancers.

The moment a new sale is verified, the rankings are updated.

A Partnership is when two estate agents decide to work together on a permanent bases. The partnership is seen as one profile. A partnership would register on best agent and share login in details. On the profile page you can display a photo of both agents together, each agents contact details will be displayed on their profile. The Partnership profile also shares their bio page. If a partnership is dissolved the agent that leaves, can be removed with all their contact details. The original agent will keep all historic sales and the partner that leaves the partnership will need to create a new profile and will not be able to keep their sales from the partnership.